Family therapy involves the participation of both parents and teens. I work with high school teens, ages 14 and above. Some sessions might be structured such as:

Sessions with teens:

• Teens may feel shame, blame, or unwillingness to participate in therapy. I will talk and listen to your teen to understand what they think the challenges may be.

• I help teens work through difficulties by supporting healthy coping strategies, skills to improve emotional regulation and communication, and ways to develop a hopeful and positive outlook and perspective.

Sessions with parents only:

• I aim to help parents understand the issues their child is struggling with whether that be negative behavioral patterns, depression, anxiety, ADHD, among other difficulties.

• I support parents to learn how to work together and strategically alter their interventions so issues are resolved and parents are equipped with better strategies to help their child manage their mental health. This may include homework strategies, technology  management, amoung other interventions.

Family therapy sessions:

• Family therapy sessions are held with both the parents and teen together. My goal is for the family to increase understanding, respect, empathy, and validation.

• Family therapy works best when everyone is actively involved. I am happy to hear what is working, what’s not, and we can identify ways to make changes.